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Obesity has become a modern disease with an adverse effect on health.
In the most severe cases of morbidly obese people the various diets cannot resolve the issue and for this reason they are undergoing surgical operation on the stomach obstructing the intake of large quantities of food and reducing the feeling of hunger. For example, gastric bypass surgery, gastric balloon, gastric ring etc. Following such surgery with most patients loosing many pounds/kilos , the consequences are beneficial to their health but result in excessive leftover excess skin. To address these problems body contouring procedures, for restoring their body image, are an integral part of completing the treatment of post massive weight-loss patients. In such cases there is a need for many surgical operations in order to correct the excessive looseness of the skin in areas most affected: abdomen, thighs and arms and concerning women on the breasts.

Examples after a weight loss of 80 kgs