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Our appearance plays an important role in our personal and professional success and with longer life expectancies, the rejuvenation of an aging face or improving a persons appearance can contribute to a higher self-esteem, acceptance and to one’s effectiveness which are central to our lives.

We live in the age of the image … Science and recent technological advances allow the surgical and non surgical intervention, with safely and ease, to correct physical defects or to delay the effects of ever passing time! For young persons the surgical correction of congenital transformations is safe and accessible under local or general anesthesia (prominent ears, deformed nose, asymmetrical breasts, local body fat) or for acquired conditions (breast or belly with signs of slackening after pregnancy or massive weight loss).

For mature aged people surgical correction can be used for removing or delaying the signs that time leaves on us all with the purpose of improving a person’s appearance. For those who wish to avoid a surgical operation there are also safe and tested injectable materials, which have been used for years, and other non-invasive treatments for skin rejuvenation.

A simple 10 minute non-surgical and painless cosmetic medicine treatment with botulinum toxin (botox-dysport), form women and men, reduces or obliterates the wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows and the crow’s feet around eyes, for 4 to 6 months. Hyaluronic acid is used with great success in anti-aging treatment of skin. Deep nasolabian lines around the mouth can be filled with the cosmetically desirable result lasting for approximately one year. By doing facial mesotherapy we can achieve an antiaging procedure reducing fine wrinkles and resulting in a healthier, tighter and brighter skin.

Finally, a 3D facial rejuvenation is possible using resorbable sutures with cones, which lift the loose tissues and improve the face outline. The procedure is simple, quick (30min), without incisions, under local anesthesia.

These therapies combined, if necessary, with a Laser treatment, alongside with proper nutrition, avoiding smoking and excessive exposure to the sun, can yield impressive results and maintain a youthfull healthy looking appearance and a more radiant complexion for many years to come.