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Cancer does not kill. It is a severe disease but can be confronted and healed, when it is diagnosed in time.

Cancer can kill those who avoid or postpone visiting a doctor, due to the fear of cancer, thus endangering their integrity, the quality of their life or even their life itself.

Kinds of skin tumors

a) basal cell crcinomas

Typically benign, they do not create metastases and, if they are removed correctly, they are usually completed healed.

b) squamous cell carcinomas

Frequantley appear on the lips and on parts of the body exposed to the sunlight. When neglected, they create metastases. The prognosis depends on early treatment.

c) melanomas

Many times they develop on already existing nevus. If treated in time, they are fully healed. On the contrary, if they are neglected they can be fatal.


  • Avoid long exposure to sunlight. Use sun protection creams, hats, umbrellas and T-shirts on the beach. Attention to children!
  • If you have a lot of nevus or a family history of melanoma, a nevus mapping  is performed and the nevi have to be observed frequently. Address  the following symptoms to the plastic surgeon immediately when detected:

1. an ulceration (wound) which following the proper therapy                does not heal within a month.

2. nevus suddenly changing shape, color, size, reddening on                  the periphery and/or bleeding causing itch or pain.

3. a lump on the soft tissues of your body (skin, muscles,                        mucosa).

Skin tumors and soft tissue tumors are treated by a plastic surgeon who knows how to remove tumors with sufficient healthy limits and, above all, restore form and functionality, especially if the lesion is on the face (eyelids, nose, etc.).

We never forget

Cancer does not kill… It is a severe but a curable disease. When diagnosed in time, cancer can be defeated!