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Breast surgery is the most common type of cosmetic surgery carried out on women to correct the size and shape of the breast. It is performed on atrophic breasts or oversized, sagging busts causing problems with clothing but mainly causing neck and back aches on middle aged women.

It is also performed on young girls, especially in the case of asymmetric breasts (anisomastia), that impacts heavily on the body image. Depending on the case, breast augmentation with a silicon implant may be needed on the small breast and a mastopexy or a reduction of the other breast in order to achieve symmetry.

Breast augmentation
High quality, durable silicone implants for atrophic breasts are positioned over or under the pectoral (chest) muscle depending on the case, after having chosen the implant of the right size and shape. Silicone is inserted through a small incision on the inframammary fold (the line under the breast) or on the border of the areola and the breast skin. Intensive research has proved that the use of silicone breast implants is not associated with cancer. The regular examination of the breast with a mammography and ultrasonic is possible and mandatory as in every woman over 40 years.

For ptosis of breasts, if there is a big excess of skin but the volume is satisfactory, we only perform mastopexy. That is the elevation of the breast in its correct position and the removal of the excess skin. A thin scar around the areola and the lower part of the breast is all that remains. In case that the breast is very low and empty (minimal glandular mass) we usually combine augmentation with mastopexy.

Finally, in case of large breasts we perform a breast reduction which is the removal of fatty and glandular mass mainly from the lower part of the breasts. We leave the desired volume, elevate the nipple-areola complex at the correct position and shape the breast. A scar remains around the areola and usually one at the lower part of the breast in an inverted “T” shape.

Breast surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia and the patient is discharged from the clinic either on the day after the operation or on the second day in case of a big reduction operations. The woman has to continuously wear a special bra for 15-20 days. The stitches are removed within 10 days and the scars can be treated applying several methods (creams, silicon sheet, etc), usually resuming daily life activities at 15 days post-operative.