Liposuction – Dermolipectomy 2019-11-21T07:58:04+00:00


Liposuction is not a method of losing weight! Liposuction or simply lipo is a cosmetic surgery operation that effectively and permanently resolves the problem of local fat from many different areas on the human body.

Areas affected can range from the abdomen, knees, arms, hips and thighs (saddlebags) to the neck (double chin) and elsewhere. The best results are seen on young people with a firm and vibrant skin. Regardless of age, in cases of loose or hanging skin, removing fat can worsen the problem. For this reason, ultimately a good pre-surgical assessment is necessary.

In cases where the liposuction procedure is advisable, due to the skin elasticity and retract-ability, the end result is excellent. There are no scars left and the repair is effective and permanent.

Modern technology allows the reduction of the localised fat with the revolutional method of noninvasive kryolipolysis. Placing a suction head over the localised fat and freezing it the fat cells are destroyed and gradually absorbed by the body. 2-3 sessions are sufficient.


In cases of severe excess fat together with excess or loose skin on the hips, thighs and arms the dermolipectomy technique is recommended. Dermolipectomy consists of the removal of excess skin and fat combined with liposuction when necessary. The incisions made in the skin are camouflaged by situating them appropriately.