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Congenitally prominent ears are a cosmetic deformity that can have a severe emotional and behavioral effect on a child. Otoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to give the auricle a more natural appearance. Children are likely candidates for otoplasty, but the surgery can be performed at any age. It is often desirable in children to consider this surgery before they start school and the condition can lead to self-consciousness and even poor adaptation to school.

The surgeon begins with an incision just behind the ear, removes the skin from the cartilage and sculptures the cartilage to achieve the right shape. The scars are located behind the ear and the problem of visibility is inconsequential. The surgery is done with general anesthesia on non-cooperative kids and with local anesthesia on adults and the patient is not hospitalized. A postoperative compression bandage (headband) is used for four or five days. The role of the compression garment is to secure the cartilage shape and minimize the swelling of the covering skin.