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By the term of peeling we mean removing some layers of the skin with mechanical (dermabrasion) or chemical means. The body reacts with new tissue and epithelialization. The skin becomes healthier, cleaner, lighter.

Depending on the skin problem (acne, spots, fine wrinkles, scars, grease), the appropriate peeling (fruit acids, TCA, salicylic acid, etc.), the frequency of application and the depth into which it has to penetrate into the skin . It can be light, medium, deep. Duration of recovery varies depending on the depth of peeling.

Peelings usually take place in the winter and require great protection from the sun.

Phenol peeling is a very deep peeling, applied to very light-colored faces with impressive results. It assumes proper case selection, good health (not for people with diabetes, cardiac arrhythmias, collagen diseases) and of course the experience of the doctor who applies it. People with dark skin (phenotype 5 or 6) are excluded and complete protection from the sun is required for a long time after treatment. But the result is amazing !!!